Dupleix Group offers a range of services in order to facilitate your business, and to enable you to concentrate on your core activities.

We constantly listen to your needs so that we can better serve you.

Thanks to its regional, and international sites, Dupleix Group is uniquely positioned to facilitate your :

  • You agree to rent  Dupleix product (containers etc), wich are used for the storage of your goods and delivery to your customers.

You ship your finished products to your customers in the usual way utilising the rented containers.

  • Dupleix then collects the containers from your customers when advised to do so. We return them to our workshops for cleaning, any repairs and maintenance.

Packages you are then redelivered, cleaned and are operational for new use.

Your company is fully discharged and management of monitoring packages. More through a thorough study of your flow, Dupleix optimizes the park at your disposal. It avoids packaging “dormant”, source of cost increases. Dupleix also helps you manage any tips. So you can optimize your costs and focus on your heart business.