Dupleix sells products for storage, handling and installation of storage space. It works mainly with industrial and tertiary sectors.

The company offers its customers many services ranging from leasing, maintenance management of the park, through the movement management system and the purchase of equipment.
To better understand the needs of its customers, it has an office, which carries out the plans of specific products before they are built .
Dupleix company offers its customers products tailored to fit their needs perfectly . These products are designed according to the specifications, either provided by the client or developed jointly with the company. Given its experience in material handling and storage, the Company realizes Dupleix initially plans in CAD (computer aided design), 2D and 3D realization. Once validated these plans, they allow the realization of a prototype. Then mass production can be started.

Dupleix Group works with diverse sectors of activity:

  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy / Steel
  • Food industry
  • Transport and logistics provider
  • Retail
  • etc …