Rent our containers!

Rental :

Containers are a source of major problems within most firms. They can represent huge investments if owned with lasses, damage and so on.

Today most business markets are fluctuating more and more rapidly. It is important to permanently adapt your production to meet the demand, and especially the method of delivering to your customers – the containers.

Our answer is to rent containers to you. They can be products as detailed in this catalogue but also other similar products that meet your requiements

Your Advantages :

Renting enables you to exactly match your container needs to your production. Therefore, you can accommodate your production or storage peaks and troughs. Moreover you will be minimizing your investment, and dedicating your financial resources to the core of your business.

  • Rental is based on an agreed cost per day. What’s more there is no deposit to pay. If the products are used as designed and routed to the correct destination, any repairs and maintenance are undertaken by us at our expense.
  • As you are only renting what you need it, you do not have any unused containers in stock and you always have products in good condition.
  • The rental can be for whatever duration that suits your needs.

For any question please contact us